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Thread: Ivanka Trump at NBC All-star Gala (01/17/07)

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    She reminds too much of her father for me to consider her beautiful.

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    I think she is beautiful. There is something abou ther.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UndercoverGator View Post
    Sorry, I don't buy it for Wharton School of Business. It's like it's Harvard or Yale where it's all who you know, who you blow and how much dough you shell out. Even if money bought her way in there's no way it bought her good enough grades to graduate. Do you even know anyone that went to Wharton??
    Does knowing someone who went to Wharton do anything for me? I agree she got the grades, and perhaps several sexual favors might have been exchanged or she's smart, but you can't deny her name and trump's influence. he graduated there and makes huge donations so cmon.

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    I'm glad she's smart and earned her education, but she should quit skanking it up and puttin' her ugly mug on the tube. Get a job in finance and stay behind the scenes where she belongs.

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