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Thread: Hilary & Haylie Duff at the 17th Mercedes-Benz Carousel of Hope Ball (10/28/2006)

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    An Ashlee Simpson style nose job would do wonders for Haylie. Her nose is so distracting, and I'm sure that it interferes with her ability to get work. In every single picture of them on the red carpet, Haylie is clearly trying WAY too hard, positioning herself in a series of awkward, cliche poses while Hilary always looks mortified and annoyed. She's probably muttering under her breath, "What a dumbass... she still hasn't figured out that Mom makes me bring her as my date so she'll think she actually gets invited to these things."

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    Hilary looks great, even with that dark hair. What the hell is with Haylie's upper lip?

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    I don't think any of these 20 yr old something chicks should change what gawd gave em, Hollywood really has a different reality than the rest of the world. Please go votE!!!

    "A massive penis means never having to say you're sorry". Mo

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