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Thread: Halle Berry arrives at "The Late Show with David Letterman" (04/09/07)

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    Seriously? Fake fake fake fake fake.
    She looks like a Barbie.

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    Stunning, I love this woman!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melyanna View Post
    She doesn't look like an Afro American, she looks almost spanish here...
    I liked her much more when she looked less fake.

    you do realise that she is biracial? therefore at times she can look less or more like either of the two races that have made her. most of my family is biracial/tri-racial and sometimes we all look more/less black,white or native indian at times depending on on which features are played up or down. with my hair very low i tend to look more mixed as supposed when i haven't had a haircut for weeks. same goes for skin color. sometimes we can be paler or darker depending on sun exposure. doesn't mean we bleach our skin everytime we look paler. just means we haven't be in the sun for a while. i can go from a few shades darker than haller berry to being slightly darker than p diddy after a week in the sun and i most defintely don't bleach.

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    She does look really fake.

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    Halle always looks good

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