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Thread: Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell at Death Proof Premiere, Cannes Film Festival (05/22/07)

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    Kurt has the most squared jaws I ever saw!
    But they are looking good here, although I agree that Goldie could have chosen a dress most suetable to her age.

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    I've always thought she was lovely. But she is a poster child for staying out of the sun - she spent a lifetime basking in it and even after all the PS, it shows. Must get in another snark, though, I wish she'd wear more flattering dresses that deemphasized her chest - whether genetics or ill-advised over-workout, it's not her best feature.

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    they've both aged so much but still such a cute couple

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    I think they look fine. I don't understand why she wears these types of tops, though. I don't have a problem with the skin, but the straps are always so far apart on her shoulders (most tops would have them nearer to the neck) and it makes her look wider than she is.

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    well, i'm closer to Kurts age, and i've ALWAYS had the hots for him. his blue eyes...yummmy.
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    I've always had the hots for him, too. They were both great in "Overboard". Everybody will pass their prime one day, they seem to be happy, good for them. But she could cover up a little more...
    Looking at the close-up of her eyes, I see tons of natural looking wrinkles. Did you catch Kurt in "Soldier"? Broke my heart a little bit...
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