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Thread: Fran Drescher at opening party for Rao's at Caesar's Palace (01/11/07)

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    she looks good there.

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    She still looks great. That's an adorable dress, I'm just glad we don't have to hear her voice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lalaland View Post
    those arms again
    Whats wrong with them?
    I see girls half her age wearing boob tubes and whatnot and are ridiculously out of shape, and have horrible arms but show them off anyway. Fran puts them to shame.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StayYoung&Pretty View Post
    Theres nothing wrong with having long hair at her age,i think its rubbish that older women should have short hair, she had short hair once and it looked terrible. Sometimes long hair can make a woman look older but she looks fabulous so theres no need to cut the hair, look at courteney cox, same deal there.
    Amen to that! I look like poo with short hair, so mine shall stay long forevah.

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    ^^Me too. I am older and I will never have short hair. Ever. It looks horrible on me, so I have a lot of envy for women who can wear short hair. The one time I had it short it looked absolutely horrible (I have baby fine, perfectly straight hair. It was ridiculous.) Mine will always be, let's say, no shorter than Sharon Rocha's (Laci Peterson's mom). But it's a lot longer than that right now (collarbone).

    I think Fran looks great, even the arms in this pic don't look bad, but older women sadly just don't look good in sleeveless.

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