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Thread: Eva Longoria x3HQ - Candids in Beverly Hills (09/28/06)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diva View Post
    Wow, I am SO gonna save that second close-up picture of her and remind myself of it every single day when I feel terrible about my own looks. Selftherapy.
    that's such a good idea! if this is the woman every man dreams about...then i really don't know what to say.

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    i was watching E!news last night, and they were all boo-hoo(ing) about how she looked great dispite the break-up rumors or WHATEVER. they showed the paps following her, spoke of how great her hair looked, and what she wore to Jimmy Kimmel...i think they might have even called her a survivor. im like WTF!, shes not even a real actress.

    What really got to me was when they read a statement her publisist made that quote "eva and tony are going through difficult times like any other couple"...ect...i dont know the whole story about what happened, but why would you have your pub issue a statement saying that you're having probs in you can tell shes enjoing it's like uh oh the're starting to realize that im a stardom whore so let me break-up with my so-called bf, and make the cover of star next week. if im lucky i might even make people, and us weekly.

    "I'll probably just end up in some seedy bar with some seedy blonde"-some random Englishman

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    Oh Puke. Puke. Puke.

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    I hate when she laughs like that...she laughs with her whole body!

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    You don't like it when people laugh with their whole body? What an odd thing to say! What are you, a Puritan or some other repressed kind of person?

    ^^ I kid, I kid...

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