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Thread: Eva Longoria at a San Antonio Spurs Game (12/10/2006)

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    I dont know whats wrong with me but I dont find her attractive. Even on Desperate Housewives; I dont think shes the prettiest. Her body is good, but to me, her face is nothing special at all.

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    That's cute, she's cheering her man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by limey View Post
    Hey, everyboddyyyy, look at mmeeeee! God, I can't stand her. I remember when she first came on Y&R, I used think she was really beautiful. Now I think she's an attention-seeking hag.
    I remembered her too and thought the same thing. She had long jet black hair and she looked shapelier. I thought she was hot and she played evil well. As I've said before I saw her once and she doesn't look like her pics at all. She's making me hate the Spurs now and god knows I like Tim Duncan. I hope she turns into one of those celebs that decide that they're too big for the show and leave a la David Caruso. I really want to see her crash and burn

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