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Thread: Eva Longoria at the NCLR ALMA Awards (06/01/07)

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    I don't know much about Eva and don't really follow her career, but I'm seriously getting sick of hearing and seeing her...especially with Mario Lopez. Who's she marrying, Tony Parker or Mario Lopez? *rolling eyes*

    I soooo guarantee you that her marriage to Tony Parker will not last. It's going to be over faster than it took to plan the darn wedding. She looks like a little hot pants...some overractive chihuahua that can't sit still.

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    She has an amazing body. Love her legs.
    I can't stand her voice though.

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    Didnt she do this exact same thing last year??
    Exagerrated makeup, numerous outfit changes, latin style dance number.
    I swear, she did the exact same last year..

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