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Thread: Eminem's Wedding Photo

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    She looks like a man and he looks like a woman.

    I have a bet with my 14 yo nephew that I'm losing! I told him 3 yrs. ago Eminem would be gone like Vanilla Ice in 5 years, well I have 2 years left and he isn't going anywhere grrrr. Luckily I'll only owe $20.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cosmogrl5
    It's about time that he gave her a makeover!

    I wonder what it is about her that keeps drawing him in? He could have practically any girl he wants.

    He's with her for a couple of reasons. The first is that she was with him before he was famous/had money, therefore he thinks he can trust her more than someone new he meets.

    The second reason is that he had so much instability as a child, that he badly wants his daughter to grow up with both parents.

    That's my armchair analysis on the matter.

    It totally looks like he is getting married to a trannie. I think she looks classier overall, but strange.

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