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Thread: Ellen Barkin at the Oceans Thirteen Premiere in Hollywood (06/06/07)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Icepik View Post
    I think she's pretty in a weird sorta way, if that makes any sense
    Thats how i feel about her also.

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    She looks good... that dress looks awesome on her!
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    I think she looks fantastic. Great body and I love the outfit. I've always thought she was sexy.

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    She's one of those women with looks that are based on personality. She's not a classic beauty, obviously, but every man I know thinks she's sexy as hell.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VenusInFauxFurs View Post
    I think she looks pretty good. Plus I am a bit jealous of her since she was married once to Gabriel Byrne *swoon*
    Exxxactly! Ever since I found out they had been married, that's all I think of whenever I see her. Lucky bitch.

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