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Thread: Denise Richards spends the weekend on the beach in Malibu (08/05/2006)

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    Default Re: Denise Richards spends the weekend on the beach in Malibu (08/05/2006)

    Quote Originally Posted by Pandora View Post
    I actually give her props for not giving a damn that she has a mom belly and showing it off in public (before getting a tummy tuck).
    Yeah, me too. And thanks, Poster Whose Name I Forget, for schooling me on the fact that it's not lipo she "needs." That just goes to show what I know about PS!

    But, yeah, I'm glad she's showing off her not-perfect-Mommy-tummy. Good on her for not having anything done to it.

    Quote Originally Posted by buttmunch View Post
    She's a rather dim ex-hooker who will most likely turn into the worst kind of Hollywood wife.
    I still want to know exactly when and how and by whom this rumor was started. I'm not saying I don't believe she's a Heidi Fleiss (sp?) girl, as all things are possible on Planet Earth. But it's just so damn fantastical that I want PROOF, dammit!!! Not hearsay!!! Hmph!
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