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Thread: Denise Richards going to an appointment (10/11/2006)

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    Quote Originally Posted by KD View Post
    She's engaged? I missed this!!

    I missed it too??????????

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    This is how you dress to an appointment?

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    If it's a hairdressing appointment, which is what it looks like to me, then yes you do dress like that...what's wrong with what shes wearing?

    By the way, I'm sure the first place Denise thought to ''tip paparazzi off'' was in a hig-rise car park. Doesnt this just prove how far these guys will go, they quite clearly followed her and waited for her to return. If I'm wrong then I'll eat humble pie but I truly don't believe she tips paprazzi off as frequently as many people here believe. I do think she gets followed a LOT and just refuses to hide behind closed doors and have other people do absolutely everything for her. I just think she's going about her everyday life best she knows how and the press love getting pictures of her because, lets face it, she always looks presentable. I don't think Ive seen a bad picture of her, truly. If it's plastic surgery then everybody in Hollywood needs to be informed of her surgeon because there are far too many there in La La Land who have ruined their faces at far younger ages because of it (Tara Reid anyone? Even Heather Locklear, dare I say it...)

    Jeez I've written a lot here haven't I? LOL!!!

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    she is a skanky whore but GOD she has a great body!!

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