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Thread: Denise Richards at the debut of "The Nutcracker" (12/02/2006)

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrettyGirl View Post
    I agree!! She's a terrible actress!

    And LizaMarie, raising your children alone isn't the problem. It's the stupid choices that some women sometime make that renders them in that situation in the first place. Denise married and had children with a man who was notorious for womanizing, hiring prostitutes and having numerous other addictions. Then, she didn't do any better by having an affair with her friends husband after that. Now she's toting 2 small kids around alone, children that have a broken home and will one day see and hear all the mudslinging that went on between their parents when they broke up...and what did she get out of it? Bad publicity, a bad marriage, one less friend (Heather Locklear) and probably a rebound relationship with Ritchie Sambora that won't amount to jack shit. Let's face it, it's not like she got some nice guy who shocked everyone with his infidelity. She KNEW what she was getting with Charlie Sheen and when that fell apart, she then in turn decided to have no integrity and screw a friend's husband. It's not harsh, it's the truth. I don't feel 'bad' for women like her at all.
    I have to say I agree. A close friend of mine was dating a guy with a drinking and drug problem...not to mention he couldn't keep it in his pants. Long story short, after several breakup/makeups she married the guy because he "changed". Had a kid right away and guess what?? He cheated on her in Vegas..while he was drinking and drugging! Surprise.

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    hahaaaa.. she thought she had gotten rid of charlie sheen but nooo! now she just has a blonde mini version of charlie!
    good from far but far from good.

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    Quick! Everyone hide your laptops, Denise is coming.
    Scariest Halloween mask ever > > >

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aella View Post
    I always had such a dislike for her-nothing to do with her personality or private life. Her smile and acting in most films just annoy me!
    word! Ugh she irritates me so much.. She looks ruthless.

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    She could have done without the sunglasses, she's got gorgeous eyes, but maybe they're hiding something...

    Anyway, I think she's very pretty and I always used to wonder why she was with someone as ugg as Charlie Sheen.

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