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Thread: Daniel Radcliffe on the set of "My Boy Jack" (08/02/07)

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    I hate these pics. I hated them when i first saw then on Justjared, and i hate them even more now. He does look like Hitler. But i love Daniel, and it's good to see him progressing as an actor. I wish he could always look like that Details cover, but what the heck.
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    I admire DR for taking on very different roles. He really is known as Harry Potter, and he has a huge career ahead of him. I think he's good looking, but not in these particular pics...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorahacky View Post
    ITA. I so want to slam him sometimes for looking like my aging lesbian aunt, but then I realize that I also kind of want to bang him...I'm such a wishy-washy hypocrite LOL.

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    He is cute but it seems very rare to find those hot pics of him...some are just plain scary!

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    He looks cute sometimes and other times so non-descript, or even slightly fug. I can't work out my opinion yet.

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