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Thread: Cindy Crawford's Son gives the Finger to the Paparazzi

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    Default Re: Cindy Crawford's Son gives the Finger to the Paparazzi

    Quote Originally Posted by leigh
    I didn't say she was a bad parent. I said it makes her look like one. Hell, I don't care how she disciplines her kid. My kid flips the bird I'd feel it was a bad reflection on me.
    And I still don't see how she "looks" like a bad parent. That photograph is one instant in time, and you have no video footage to prove she did or didn't spank her son.

    Personally, I think the fact that she grabbed her son's finger makes her look like a good parent.

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    Default Re: Cindy Crawford's Son gives the Finger to the Paparazzi

    A kid, especially a young one, does something like flip the bird, say f*ck, etc. people automatically blame the parents. Right or wrong, people do it. "Did you hear what little Johnny did? What kind of mom is so-and-so... Where's he picking up that kind of behavior...I bet it's all those R-rated movies they let him watch...They never could control him..." and so on. And that's only small-town gossip. Now imagine if you're famous and that "one instant in time" is captured forever by a photographer. You know it's going to be reprinted in the tabloids, perhaps worldwide. Most people are going to look at the photo and think, "Can't she control that little beast? He must've picked that up from his parents."
    I'm not saying it's right, but that's how people are.

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    Default Re: Cindy Crawford's Son gives the Finger to the Paparazzi

    Amen. Doesn't make her a bad parent at all. You don't have to beat a kid to make them stop doing things. He flipped the bird, they corrected him. I'd laugh too. Doesn't mean he's going to shoot up a school because he gave the finger.

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