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Thread: Cameron Diaz arriving at 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards (01/15/07)

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    That closeup shot...eeesssssssshhhhhhhh! She really looks awful.

    And why she thought coming dressed as a wedding cake topper was "cool" is beyond me. My least fave dress of the night.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lobelia View Post
    Since you described it so well, of COURSE I had to go & do exactly what you warned against.

    It literally (THERE'S THAT WORD) hurt my eyes, and made them water.

    Her picture hurt me.

    Oh, oh, and she's got those little smoker wrinkles over her top lip & her garish red lipstick is bleeding thru them like little canals.

    That was quite shocking.
    Because you said that... I had to go look

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    Did it hurt you, too?

    I feel victimized by her face.
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    she has large pores. there's a great product for that. clinque something.

    her eyes are bloodshot for some reason.

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    awww....i actually kinda like the dress. i love anything black and white. although the uni-sleeve is not fun.
    and her arm looks really weird and freakish when she is waving.
    but um, other than that...

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