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Thread: Britney Spears and Sean Preston Federline at Millennium Dance Studio (05/15/07)

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    This ripped stockings act is getting old. And that blue thing is just horrid.
    Quote Originally Posted by pinklilycat View Post
    Oh goood, she's gone for the Donnatella Versace look. How lovely...
    I'm afraid we're insulting Donatella here

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    She dresses like that because she can and doesn't care. What's funny is that the paps KEEP taking the same pics of her in those damn tights. They are the idiots not her. She gets voted worst dressed all the time, so it's not news she is still living up to her title..

    At least her kids are with her while she's dancing instead of with a nanny or daycare. Cut her some slack. (ducks)

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    dude looks like a lady. the fingernails, the plastic hair, the teeth, the neck rings, the skin and the whole SHUT UP (clap hands over mouth) thing. best pics ever.

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    She had a killer bod and she is getting it back.She has curves, that is good. She will need her looks to get her through life, because her mind has separated from her. The chance for reconciliation looks slim and a divorce is probably in the works.

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    she's got a nice ass.

    Quote Originally Posted by stef View Post
    she's actually wearing extensions, no wig!

    more pictures here.

    she's such an idiot, i can't stand it.


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