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Thread: Britney Spears & Paris Hilton: Heading out to party (11/25/06)

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    I can totally see them having sex.

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    Didn't know banned's new gig was to be an escort for lady celebs who're trying to get back in the spotlight. I wonder how much people are paying this bimbo to be their BFF/pretend-lesbo-whore per night so they can get shot by the paps.

    Seems like banned's people have just created a whole new sub-niche in celebutantedom.
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    I was starting to be sympathetic towards Britney right after the divorce was announced. She made some pretty smart moves. And now this.
    Britney, Britney. * shakes head in disappointment*. I just don't get this new BFF thing.
    Go out, have some fun, show the world you're over that idiot husband of yours and you're on the market again.
    But with Paris??? UGH Britney looks like an idiot, a cheap(er) Paris clone, with that dress and the headband.

    The only way I can tell it's actually Britney is the boobs and the Red Bull.

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    I thought we were starting fresh, new....clean! Brit never ceases to amaze me.

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    Pinklilycat, I don't think people are saying Brit can't have any fun and must be with her children every single minute of the day. But she just had a baby, and instead of forming a bond with that little baby, she's off with Paris Hilton, showing her cootch to the world. It's not like she's taking a night here or there just to go out for a little while. She's being unbelievably selfish and irresponsible.

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