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Thread: Brad Pitt in New Orleans for Global Green Press Conference (08/31/2006)

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    Oh god where did Mother Teresa come in from?

    Once again, denigrating doing something worthwhile simply
    because they don't like who does it. What lowlifes some people are.
    Bet the people in trailers in New Orleans could give a
    rat's ass about Brad or Angie trying to live up to saint like image, but they sure know when Katrina hit and are glad Brad remembered and cared enough that he atleast is willing to help out to build new homes.

    As a fan of Brad and Angie and the family they formed I'll say this.

    This much I can safely say as a fan of this couple and this is what makes me like them. I am a person who has made mistakes in my life. I've done wrong to others, had others done wrong to me. I've have strived to forgive others for the pain they have inflicted on me. I have where possible, tried to forgive myself of the pain we caused to ourselves and others. I've have tried to learn from my mistakes and do better. I look at Brad and Angelina not as the perfect people (or not some kind of saviours) but as people who have done wrong, made mistakes and are still trying to do the right thing. Redemption inspires me, condemnation leaves me cold. Human frailties. We all have them.

    And I know some of you would guffaw at the thought of helping others know...cause anyone who helps is trying to be the next Mother Teresa in your minds but here is the info to help the rebuilding process anyways.

    Become a member of Global Green USA by making a tax-deductible online contribution today!
    Your membership will support our Katrina relief efforts by helping us fund the building of the winning entries for the Sustainable Design Competition to serve as an example of cost-effective, healthy green building for all new construction.
    All members will receive an annual membership card and have the opportunity to participate in Global Green events and activities.
    Member levels include:
    $50 Global Green USA General Member
    (Benefits include membership card and quarterly updates)
    $25/month Global Green USA Sustaining Member
    (Benefits include invitations to events and quarterly updates on our activities)
    $50/month Global Green USA Elite Member
    (Benefits include invitations to VIP events and quarterly updates on our activities)

    oh yeah...can't wait for the comments like "I already help and didn't feel the need to have a press coneference for it...BLAH BLAH BLAH!".yawn.
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    ^I agree with you, if anything keeps these two together, it is for moving forward and hopefully "changes" for the better. They are riding on a tough wave with the victims of Katrina. I hope they follow through with a plan, in the winds of change. I still don't think there will be a rebuilding process unless everyone in US has felt negative effects.
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    There are more causes out there besides Africa. It's easy to stand up for the fight against AIDS and poverty. I've yet to see a celeb stand up for something like Israel and be willing to defend his position.

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    Well, if Brad and company can help the folks in New Orleans, I say more power to them, because they need all the help they can get.

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    Some people are so testy!!

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