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Thread: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with their three kids in N.O. (08/31/06)

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    Practically all babies look like their fathers in their first year of life. It's Mother Natures way of assuring dads that they are the dad, at least that was the case before the advent of DNA testing.

    I think that Shiloh is cute as she is and so is Suri. What makes Suri a more probable cutie-pie at this age, is that head of hair. It's not a common occurence for an infant to have that much hair.

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    Facts? Are they many of those on a gossip board ? hmmmmmmmmm.

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    FINALLY! Now that what I would call a beautiful baby girl which is rare since I find most babies are either ugly or average at best. I honestly didn’t think Shiloh will be beautiful since both of her parents were ugly as babies, but she sure took the best features of them. She and Kingston are the cutest celeb kids by a landslide.

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