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Thread: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Prague with their kids (05/03/07)

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    Brad does seem very natural with those kids....good for him. And he does seem like a doting daddy to that little Shiloh, who is a cutie.

    However, I agree with edie, Brad seems to always look like he's in need of a good washing!

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    The first picture doesn't look real. Like something out of a movie or a photo shoot. It must be weird when even candid pictures of you turn out looking like a movie still.

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    cute cute cute.

    Bitch, please.

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    I love the first photograph of Brad and Angelina sitting at the table. I'm looking at their body language and I love the way Angelina's just absolutely beaming at him. She seems really into their conversation. Brad himself looks like life is good and he doesn't have a worry in the world by the way he's kicking it at the table with Angelina. He looks really relaxed and comfortable.

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    ^^ I agree, that's a really cool pic.

    He seems to be so great with the kids.

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