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Thread: Beyonce Knowles riding The New York City Subway (09/08/06)

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    Sitting her between two 40+ year old, tired-looking, non-made up overweight women makes her look even better. I'm sure that was the plan. I also think it is funny and Beyonce looks clueless. She is so out of touch with the everyday black woman. and why did she have to be playing with her "Golden Locks"? Photographers and PR people are extremely deliberate and this photo has a message. They must know that album sucks. 'Cause when you have something hot, you may do some promo, but you ain't riding no subway to try to convince people that you're down and still with the "streets" That just screams of desperation.

    Beyonce - "Yeah, it feels good to be on the subway with the regular folks"

    The woman on the right - "I wonder why she didn't take her limo"

    The woman on the left - "Who gives a f*ck, and don't be slingin your weave this way bitch."

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    But it's Beyonce's special day. Jackass.
    Who's the jackass? Me or Beyoncé?
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    Quote Originally Posted by buttmunch View Post
    They're thinking 'this dumb cow comes on the train after having been worked on by stylists for the past ten hours. Meanwhile, we rolled out of bed late, didn't have time to shower or eat and are now being used as props to sell this already over-exposed woman's album. Great. Happy fucking Tuesday'.
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    I would say beyonce is the dumbass..atleast I HOPE that's what they meant. hm..beyonce keeps getting lighter...
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    Isn't she rich and own a car? Sorry, cars? Why riding the subway? And don't try to sell me this "Getting down to the people" crap.

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