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Thread: Ashlee Simpson: Embassy Club, London: (10/11/06)

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    Her outfit looks early nineties.

    "embrace your flaws!!" didn't she say that in some lame ass magazine?? Its cool when someone is both a poser AND a hypocrite.

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    No no no she means embrace YOUR flaws, but I'm going to fix mine!

    Quote Originally Posted by sweetrebel View Post
    Well, I think the ps was a HUGE improvement.
    I agree. Its marvellous work.
    I dont like her at all, but she looks good.

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    I just cannot get over how pretty and unique she used to look, and how boring and plastic she looks now. Awesome role model with an awesome message for teens ...
    Absolutely agree. She chopped off anything that made her unique and will soon pass for one of Hef's girlfriends.
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    Yes, she does have beautiful eyes, but she also looks kind of waxy too. Still looks better than she used to look. Oh the miracles of medical technology!

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    I don't think she looks plastic and I don't think she looks typical. I think she fixed a little flaw on her nose and it brought out her naturally beautiful features. I don't believe she had anything done to her chin, she always had a gorgeous strong chin and nice lips. I think the little bump removed on her nose really brought out her natural beauty. I know some of you hate to hear this because you hate her, which I don't blame you, but she still looks unique to me. Just my opinion though, maybe I can relate cuz I would love to get my nose fixed.

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    She doesnt even look like the same girl.. i prefer her blonde blonde or as a brunette.. this is boring.

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    what a poser she has become. who wouldn't look better after a total makeover. weight loss, plastic surgery, new hair, new make up, new clothing -all done by the best professionals.

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