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Thread: Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffiths at the "Shrek The Third" premiere (05/06/07)

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    I'm thankful that she wore pants.

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    The thing is, she didn't have to look that bad. If she had cut out the chain smoking and sun worshiping, her skin would not look reptilian. If she hadn't overstuffed her breasts and lips with silicone, they might have retained some resiliancy. If she ate once in a while, her legs would fill out the skin a bit to reduce the saggy elephant look.

    Nobody is making fun of a naturally aging celeb, that would be no fun. The privileged daughter of a beautiful celeb had it all, money and even a touch of her mother's beauty, and this is what she did with it. But hey, she's got Antonio - I seriously doubt she gives a damn if we get snarky on a website.

    Tippi was always much better looking, and she did it naturally. I agree, she even looks better than her now, at her age.

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