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Thread: Angelina Jolie and Maddox leaving Borders in Chicago (08/12/07)

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    She doesn't look as thin as she has been. Sweater in August is weird. ???????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bijoux View Post
    They are FAKE! She had them done ages ago...before hackers...before she was anybody worth caring for! When normal people lose weight they lose it everywhere....if they were real they would have shrunk a bit.

    She had her nose done after hackers. That one is obvious.
    So I guess I had boob implants since when I lose weight it goes from EVERYWHERE BUT My breasts, which is why I have to have a Breast reduction because 56 EEE NATURAL breasts wont look to good or right on someone who is 5'6 and 150 pounds. So I'm not normal huh? Wow thats a first! You shouldn't make assumptions like that AT ALL.

    Jolie looks to have GAINED weight not lost any right now. She looks WAY better. Then she has for the last few weeks.

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    ^ I agree...I don't think she got any implants...just because she lost a few
    pounds doesn't mean her breasts would go away...It's different for everyone.

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    People that wear sweaters in August? You mean like Pete aka herioin addict walking cadaver. Need I say more.
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    That outfit is terrible, she's too young to raid grams closet. I miss the old Jolie.

    Sorry, but she looks just like this

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    Quote Originally Posted by Born In A Brothel View Post
    That outfit is terrible, she's too young to raid grams closet. I miss the old Jolie.

    Sorry, but she looks just like this

    Yes, hehe...Perez Hilton made the 'Olive Oil' reference on his site...^.^

    I was hoping someone on here would too...

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    She looks a teensy bit heavier...and I think red looks nice on her. Her legs look like toothpicks though. Yikes.
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