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Thread: Ana Faris at the "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" premiere (07/12/07)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Icepik View Post
    You can botox lips?
    woops i meant collagen... but actually, it looks like she pumped those bad boys up with HELIUM.
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    She totally ruined her looks with these lips. They look like shit.

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    Ah man ... she was really pretty too - so sad.

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    Default murfff

    Dlisted has a comparison from 2001:

    Then Or Now: When Were They Hotter? | Dlisted

    I really don't think she's had plastic surgery other than the lip collagen. Her nose and eyes and chin all really look the same, just different hair and an unflattering makeup job.

    Err, could someone post her pic in the Lip PS threads? I would love to but I'm stupid with pictures that aren't obviously linked...

    And I just read somewhere she was cast in some movie with Katherine McPhee (that sounds godawful) so I think that may be why she and KMP are at this premiere - usually Ana Faris doesn't seem like the envelope opening type, so maybe this was contract.
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    She looks moronic with those lips. She was so cute before.

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    True, she looks like a completely different person, and totally unrecognizeable. At first I thought it might be drugs, but it seems likely that she went overboard with unfavorable plastic surgery.

    She pulled a Jennifer Grey: will anyone recognize her anymore? Her drastic facial change might eclipse her and her projects. It's certainly distracting in these pictures.

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    She's still cute but her lips are ridiculous!!!

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