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Thread: Charlize Theron at her mother's wedding

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    Default Charlize Theron at her mother's wedding

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    Oh dear. I hope she doesn't shoot that one, for a change.

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    Aw...Stuart is there

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    they shoulda dragged charlize through some mud or something. the bride should be the most beautiful at the wedding

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    Quote Originally Posted by eurochild View Post
    Oh dear. I hope she doesn't shoot that one, for a change.

    You do know why she shot the first husband, right?

    Edited to add - in case no one does know...

    By Tanith Carey, Us Editor In New York And Barbara Jones In South Africa.
    CHARLIZE Theron, who won the Best Actress Oscar as a serial-killer in Monster, had a real-life brush with bloody death - when she heard her mother shoot her father dead.

    Her terrifying account of that night of 21 June 1991 can be told for the first time today.

    Never-seen police statements tell how Charlize, then just 15, feared she'd die as her drunken father Charles opened fire through her bedroom door.

    Seconds earlier her mother Gerda had grabbed a gun to protect them. As Charlize cowered she shot her husband dead to save her daughter.

    Charlize described to police how her powerfully-built father had turned up in a drunken rage after a row with Gerda, from whom he was separated.

    In a threatening call earlier the builder accused Charlize of snubbing his relatives that evening. And when he found himself shut out of the family house in Johannesburg, South Africa, where Gerda lived with Charlize, rage turned to fury.

    After he shot through the locks of the outer door her started to bang against the bedroom door.

    She said: "We heard my father banging against the door. He tried to push open the door. Next moment another shot rang out.

    "It went right through the door and out through my bedroom window. My father shouted he was going to kill us."

    Her mother ran into the corridor and the next moment, Charlene told police: " I heard a whole lot of shots."

    She came out to find the body of her father slumped dead. His younger brother Danie, who had accompanied Charles, had been shot in the hand.

    Charlize, 28, has never gone into the reasons that led up to the terrifying events of that night, on one occasion even claiming her father had died in a car crash.

    Until now the 20-page police dossier written in Charlize's native Afrikaans, has been kept from view. But after our application, South African police agreed to release it.

    The report graphically describes how the marriage of Charlize's parents had collapsed.

    Charles and Gerda had already split and Charles was living at his sister's home.

    Other family members told police Gerda wanted an end to the relationship - but did not want a divorce for Charlize's sake.

    No charges were brought against Gerda. Police ruled she had acted to defend herself and her daughter.

    Soon after Gerda encouraged Charlize to leave South Africa after she won a modelling contest.

    She settled in Los Angeles and found fame as a actress. On Sunday as Gerda sat in the auditorium as her daughter publicly thanked her, the past must have seemed a million miles away. This is what Charlize told police of the night her mum killed her dad,

    My name is Charlize Ther-on. I am 15 years old, living at Cloveredene, Benoni. I attend Benoni High School.

    On Friday 21 June 1991 my mother and I arrived at Mrs Malan's house (Charlize's aunt) in Cloveredene. We couldn't find the key to get into our house. When we arrived the deceased (Charlize's father Charles) was present. They (her father and others) were sitting in the kitchen and they were busy drinking. I couldn't say exactly what kind of drink it was. My mother got the key to our house. I could hear that my father was shouting at my mother. I heard my father's brother Danie Theron saying: "Why are you taking her side?"

    They carried on talking but I couldn't hear exactly what was said. I left the house with my mother to go home. When we got there my mother locked all the doors. We put on our night clothes. The phone rang and my mother said not to answer it. But it went on ringing.

    The phone stopped and then started to ring again. I answered it.

    It was my father. He began fighting with me and said I had not greeted people when I arrived.

    I said I hadn't seen them but he just began to raise his voice. He asked where my mother was and said: "Where is that bloody b****?" I told him to stop speaking like that. He said: "F*** you all". He slammed down the phone.

    I said to my mother that I was scared. She tried to calm me down all the time but shortly afterwards we heard someone knocking at the door. I said to my mother that it was my father and that I was scared of him. I then went to bed and said to my mother that she should tell my father that I was asleep. I switched off my light.

    My mother went to the kitchen. I heard her open the kitchen door but the gate outside was still locked.

    I heard my father ask my mother why she hadn't left the door open for him. My mother answered that she and I were alone in the house.

    My father began to swear and shout terribly. I never heard him swear like this before. My mother told him he was frightening her and that she'd never seen him like this before. He shouted if she didn't open the door that he would shoot her dead.

    I heard the door bang shut and soon afterwards a shot went off. Then my mother was coming down the passageway. I heard a cupboard open.The next instant my mother stormed into my room. I heard another shot.

    Soon afterwards we heard my father banging against the door. He tried to push open the door. Next moment another shot rang out. It went right through the door and out through my bedroom window. My father shouted that he was going to kill us, finish us off. My mother said he was going to kill us. She left my bedroom.

    The next moment I heard a whole lot of shots. I don't know how many but it was a lot. I heard my mother start to shout and hysterical screaming. I left my bedroom. When I got to the passageway I saw my father's brother Danie Theron. My mother was in a corner of the bedroom. I ran to her. I ask her: "What happened?"

    My mother cried and said: 'Charlize I shot them. I shot them. I saw the body of my father lying next to the stove. There was also blood.

    I immediately shouted to my mother: "Oh My God. We must get away."

    I got the keys to one of our vehicles. As I got outside I saw my father's brother. My mother shouted: "Go and call Wick." He is our neighbour. I immediately did it. He called the police.

    In my presence, the body had no further injuries. At no stage did my mother consume any alcohol. She was sober.


    TWO days after her son Charles died, Charlize's grandmother Elizabeth confronted Gerda at the house. She told police:

    She said Charles had been furious and she and Charlize had locked him out.

    She said Charlize had not greeted her father in front of the family. She said Charles and Danie were both drunk.

    I asked her to show me how everything had happened. She showed me the kitchen door where Charles tried to get in. She said he had fired a shot.

    We walked into the passageway and I asked her if that was where she shot Danie. She said Yes. We went to the bedroom where the shooting took place.

    She showed me dried spots of blood. She told me: "Mother, he was one of the strongest of men. He did not want to fall".

    I asked Charlize why she hadn't greeted her father in front of the family.

    Maybe the shootings would not have happened if she had greeted him.

    Charlize said: "Am I now being blamed?" She ran outside crying.

    I asked her mother if she hated her husband, my son, so much, why hadn't she separated from him. She said it was because of the child, Charlize.


    CHARLES'S brother Danie was also shot by Gerda at the family home after a night of heavy drinking at their sister's. He told police:

    While we were at our sister's, Charles's wife and daughter arrived.

    Charlize did not greet her father. Mrs Theron said she was looking for house keys. My wife gave her the keys. They left.

    He picked up the phone and called his home.

    I could tell Charlize had answered. He asked her why she hadn't greeted him. Charles started shouting, saying: "F*** you and your mother".

    Charles went to the house but was locked out

    He shot the lock and then fired into the ground. I told him to stop.

    Charles said to leave him alone. I decided it was safer to stay outside.

    Shortly afterwards I heard a shot.

    As I got to the porch door I heard a second shot and then more shots.

    I saw Charles's wife standing in the bedroom. She immediately pointed a weapon at me and fired it. My hand was injured.

    When I got to the outside I heard Charlize give a terrible scream.
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    Her mum looks more like her sister. Beautiful.

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    She looks like she's trying to hog the limelight, if I didn't know I'd think it was her wedding, apart from the fact that she's not the one in the white dress kissing the groom!
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    Mmm you're all gonna hate me for saying this but I don't see Charlize's appeal. I realize she's a beautiful woman but I just don't find her that attractive.. There's something with her face I don't like.

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