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Thread: More Christina Wedding day pics

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    Default More Christina Wedding day pics

    Sorry if some have already been posted.

    Looking a little tired and emotional on the morning of her wedding, Christina did have a little cry - though her tears were soon dried by Jack Bratman, her father-in-law to be. Bless.

    Christina's veil and flowing, Spanish-style white silk gown were by Christian Lacroix. The platinum rings she and Jordan exchanged were designed by British jewellery designer Stephen Webster - the man who also designed her five-carat platinum diamond engagement ring.

    Another traditional touch was the arrival of the bride in a 200,000 white Rolls-Royce. Slightly less traditionally, it was actually the bride's own car, which she'd had shipped over to the Napa Valley especially.

    Christina and Jordan's wedding breakfast was a carb-filled feast that included baked potato soup, macaroni cheese, mashed potatoes and onion rings. A Napa Valley bakery provided the traditional tiered wedding cake, which was described as a "chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate cake". So we think it was made of chocolate.

    The morning after the night before, the new Mr and Mrs Bratman went shopping in Napa Valley. Looking blissfully happy in the Californian sunshine, they were snapped browsing cards in a gift store. Maybe they were planning to start writing all those "thank you" notes to their guests?

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    Default Re: More Christina Wedding day pics

    ew the hair looks so gross with that orange foundation...
    and that has got to be the tackiest, most nouveau riche car i have ever seen, wtf is it? i didn't think cristina would stoop to such lowly kimora lee simmons depths in bad taste...

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    Default Re: More Christina Wedding day pics

    Her hair is so white, especially in the first pic, but I can't say she can't pull it off.

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