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Thread: Britney Spears in West Hollywood, Ca (07/24/07)

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    Default Britney Spears in West Hollywood, Ca (07/24/07)

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    The best she has looked in a while (and WILL look in a while), at least the colours match!!!

    And she reminds me of
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    ugh the hair is just so wrong.
    she looks PREGNANT, but I assume its with booze and donuts this time

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    I don't think she looks pregnant. This is a rare instance in which she looks nice and relatively pulled together. The stupid headband sort of ruins it, and she still has that white trash rumpled air about her, but what are you gonna do about that...It's the best she's looked in a long time, I agree.

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    It's amazing how shitty hair can ruin a perfectly decent outfit.

    That hair is fugity fug fug fug fug and she and everyone around her are fucking dumbasses if they don't realize it. Cut the damn extensions off and quit dying it black, you no good waste of space!
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