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Thread: Britney Spears in Los Angeles carrying her new puppy (07/13/07)

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    Default Britney Spears in Los Angeles carrying her new puppy (07/13/07)


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    Who wants to bet she feeds her dog and her kids the same thing?

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    She can't even hold a puppy properly, what a retarded little idiot!!

    Animals are not toys especially new born puppies and kittens. Its sad to see that she has no natural parental insticts what so ever even though she has numerous pets and two kids. ( Erm... I can't actually see the pics but I hope these are the same pics that I saw a few hrs ago where brit is holding her puppy in a uncomfortable position w/ one hand , if not ignore my rant )

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    Does she really need any new pets..she's got 2 little kids both under 2 years old..shouldn't that be quite enough responsibilty there.?

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    I don't think any number of neglected pets poured into her soul-sucking black hole of an emotional vacuum is going to help.
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