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Thread: Exclusive photos of David and Victoria Beckham's Bentley from Tom Cruise (07/12/07)

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    Default Exclusive photos of David and Victoria Beckham's Bentley from Tom Cruise (07/12/07)

    Tom Cruise's personal assistant just picked up Victoria Beckham's Bentley Continental GT Convertible from DUB. She's also going to take the DUB Edition Cadillac Escalade that Tom Cruise had us build for Becks (in addition to a DUB Edition Lincoln Navigator). All three cars are personalized, with the Bentley adorned with "VB" logos on the headrests and wheel center caps, and the two SUVs with the No. 23 on the front grille and on decorative side vents.

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    Gee, Tom seriously wants a piece of Beckham ass, doesn't he?

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    ^^^ nope Tom probably has already had it and this is payment as promised.

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    I thought I wanted to get in those boxers! That dingaling must be platinum plated!

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