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Thread: Nicole Richie covering her stomach at L.A.X. airport (07/10/07)

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    Post Nicole Richie covering her stomach at L.A.X. airport (07/10/07)


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    I totally think this is a PR stunt to avoid jail. As soon as her sentence is handed down, she will quit wearing baggy clothes and consistently covering her stomach. Hard to believe she can get pregnant given her weight, low body fat, etc.

    Looks like she will be on a plane back to LA today since the judge denied the extention and she is due in court tomorrow AM.

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    Sometimes this stuff just amazes me. Here is this woman who has really done nothing in the way of show biz except for being a drug addict, posing, doing a stupid tv show, made bad choices with men, and she gets chased down like prey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by happy8 View Post
    Hard to believe she can get pregnant given her weight, low body fat, etc.

    good point, i have thought this for a long time too...its hard to get pregnant if you are not at a healthy weight or have an ideal BMI for your height range

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    she probably cant even get a period, let alone carry a child

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    She might as well wear a burqah...

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    She went from showing her off her emaciated body to covering it up
    now that rumors are flying that she "might" be pregnant.
    She is manipulative to the 9th degree and we are suppose to feel sorry
    for her.

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