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Thread: Nicole Kidman on the set of "Australia" in Northern Queensland (05/21/07)

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    Default Nicole Kidman on the set of "Australia" in Northern Queensland (05/21/07)


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    She has a bit of a belly. It's either she's preggers, gained weight
    or simply it's the pants.

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    I don't think she is pregnant. Must be the pants and the way she is sitting or maybe she is just bloated for belly to stick out. I don't think she'd be up on horse if she was pg. She is hoping to have a baby someday. She is 39 years old so she better hurry up. Hopefully stay home and take care of it. She has enough money she would never ever have to work again. Keith sounds like he really wants kids. From the tennessean newspaper celebrity column

    Urban looks forward to fatherhood

    From entertainment writer Cindy Watts: Once again, the topic of whether Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are expecting is in the news.

    As reported in the UK's Sunday Times and quoted on on Monday, Keith said that one day he hopes to be a dad but that it won't be happening in the next nine months.

    When the UK's Sunday Times asked if he's looking forward to being a father, the country singer guitar slinger said: "I am. Next year actually would be lovely."

    The reason for the delay might have something to do with his wife's work schedule: Nicole is is currently in Australia with co-star Hugh Jackman, shooting the historical film Australia for director Baz Luhrmann.

    (Hmmm, maybe he should look up Angelina Jolie if Nicole doesn't give him a baby. Jennifer Anniston-Brad Pitt)

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