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Thread: Gabriele Union, Beyonce Knowles and others @ Kevin Liles All-Star Brunch (02/18/07)

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    Default Gabriele Union, Beyonce Knowles and others @ Kevin Liles All-Star Brunch (02/18/07)


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    Solange looks like a bug with those hideous sunglasses.

    Star stills looks like she still looks like she has disproportionate body parts.

    Love love Gabrielle Union!

    TI is just too cute!

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    well i give star credit...i mean, i know she had surgery but she's kept off the weight and looks ok for her-yes shes unattractive and a crazy biatch, but she has come a long way

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    Gabrielle Union is pretty.
    And she seems so likeable and down-to-earth.

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