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Thread: Paris Hilton in Hollywood (02/13/07)

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    Default Paris Hilton in Hollywood (02/13/07)

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    Okay, her boobs look huge here. How does she do it?

    "A massive penis means never having to say you're sorry". Mo

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    She's not as flat as everyone seems to think she is. Plus her chest fluctuates in size a lot. Plus she is using major push up action.

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    she looks cute in some of these but seriously, she needs to get off the phone

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    That's way too much of a difference to be just push-up action. The fluctuation is so great, sometimes I wonder if she does those stupid silicone injections--I've read about "pumping parties" where stupid women actually inject silicone into their boobs, cancer and toxicity be damned. Anyway, she's stupid, shallow and vain, so it would fit.

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