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Thread: Kirk Douglas and Minnie Driver share a turkey (11/22/2006)

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    Talking Kirk Douglas and Minnie Driver share a turkey (11/22/2006)

    Kirk Douglas Sports A Hair Net and Eats Out Of A Scooper!

    Thanksgiving for the Homeless at The Los Angeles Mission
    Kirk, dude, that Turkey ain’t gonna talk back to ya!

    Minnie Driver

    I love Kirk but...weren't they supposed to be giving that food to the homeless?????
    And he gets it from Minnie??!

    Don't tell me he didn't have the cash to buy a turkey for him&wife&Minnie


    Happy Turkey Day to the American girls/guys from GR!!!

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    I'm sure the homeless want to eat the ice cream after Kirk had his mouth all over the scoop.

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    After all the injuries from that helicopter crash, and I think he had a stroke too, he seems to just be joyful and playful in public, albeit inappropriate at times.
    He and his wife (the lady on his left, I think) should just be handing out money to the homeless, they have tons of it...would do much more good than serving turkey with bites out of it, and already chewed mashed potatoes

    Not good...he may not know where he is, he's acting like a little kid, even eating the mashed potatoes with his hands.

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    I think its sweet that he and other celebrities served Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless, although I hope he didn't spoon those mashed potates on someone's plate after he sampled them. Yes, he's acting inappropriately in public, but give the guy a break:he's 90 years old. I think it's good that he's out doing things instead of dozing in a recliner at home.

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    Why is he licking the spoon used to serve food?

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    That picture of him with the hair net is hilarious. He looks like some homeboy from East L.A.....
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