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Thread: Jessica Simpson candids (09/12/06)

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    Default Jessica Simpson candids (09/12/06)

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    my god she's looking bad.

    the hideous boots with the tight jeans tucked in plus the pseudo-maternity looking top with her boobs hanging out of the weird indentation in said hideous boobs from her bag strap...not to mention the nicole richie-esque bee sunglasses and the unflattering (if "real") bob thing....

    i never thought i would say this, but i miss the old, fake jessica who although stupid was still charming and cute (and dressed well). it's like with the divorce she lost her whole persona...she now looks all washed up and chubby and her innate lack of style revealed....

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    **Alone again, eh Jess?

    **The 2 pics of her getting in the car really show how damaged her hair is. She used to have great hair that was 'normal' blonde. Now it looks awful.

    **I don't think she looks chubby, just bad choice of clothing AGAIN.

    **Why is she trying to hide her ass (or lack thereof) w/the purse, who gets into their car like that??

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    I think she looks ok, except for the hair. It does look BAD. Well, what do u expect after extensions and bleaching.

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    I think if we look closely enough we can spot a camel toe.
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