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Thread: Star Jones at the 37th Annual NAACP Awards (02/25/2006)

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    Default Star Jones at the 37th Annual NAACP Awards (02/25/2006)

    I could only find gettyimages of Star at this event. If anyone can find non getty images please add.

    Star and Nicole Ritchie are morphing into each other

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    Default Re: Star Jones at the 37th Annual NAACP Awards (02/25/2006)

    Wow...I think it's like the very first time she's actually looked semi-nice. But a few things to critique..cause it's fun.

    1. You kind of need a neck to pull of ANY look, like you know to look human!

    2. Work on the eyes..they need to be OPEN..yea thanks.

    3. You've got the money..seriously, get your boobs fixed..then find a good bra because that dress would have LOOKED so much better if you're boobs didn't want to make me hurl. I know you've got a BIG bra on filled with your old shoulder pads...but if you don't make your boobs look like they aren't sagging and you just rolled them up and slipped them into the dress, they won't look good ever! And is that part of your nipple showing through on the 2nd picture? Nipples the size of dinner plates??
    Oh god..::runs to the bathroom and throws up::

    But yea. Probably the best she's ever looked...kind of.
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    Default Re: Star Jones at the 37th Annual NAACP Awards (02/25/2006)

    yeah she looks good any other time..but shes still..bleh
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