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Thread: South Korean actor Jang Dong-Gun protests against Screen Quota Cut

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    Default South Korean actor Jang Dong-Gun protests against Screen Quota Cut

    Actor Jang Dong-Gun Protests Against Screen Quota Cut - February 6, 2006
    February 6, 2006 - National Assembly
    Seoul City, Seoul Korea

    South Korean Screen actor Jang Dong-Gun attends a rally in front of National Assembly in Seoul, South Korea, February 06, 2006. Korean filmmakers, who have been vigorously protecting the system, lashed out at the government officials, arguing that the cut in the screen quota will deal a fatal blow to homegrown films. These films are inherently at a disadvantage in the face of the onslaught of big-budget Hollywood blockbusters.They plan to continue the sit-in protest for a week and stage a large-scale outdoor rally on February 8, 2006.

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    Default Re: South Korean actor Jang Dong-Gun protests against Screen Quota Cut

    I just noticed this week that there is a vast difference between
    exposure for domestic productions in Korea versus Japan. In the latter,
    stars are pretty much famous only for their work on TV, and at any
    multiplex, you will likely see only 1 Japanese film, tops.

    In Korea, at the local 11-screen multiplex, you can only see US
    product on 3-5 of them; the rest are Korean studio fare, Korean
    indie fare, foreign films from neighboring countries (though there
    aren't too many of them) or anime/animation.

    And they have 10 domestic "blockbusters," a blockbuster being
    a Korean film that sells 5,000,000 tickets or more.
    (An adult ticket costs 6,500 Korean "won," or just over $6 US.)
    So they do have a domestic film industry to protect.

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