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Thread: Are you in there, Bindi? The 10ft snake that swallowed a 14lb pet terrier... WHOLE

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sweetie View Post
    I say chop his head off.
    What would that do? Even if it were one of my precious babies in there (like Crumpet for instance) I wouldn't want the snake killed, even to get my dog's dead body out. All that makes is two dead (innocent) animals. I can't punish an animal for being what it is anymore than I could punish my cat for killing a pet hamster that got loose. I'd be more upset with myself than anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crumpet View Post
    ^^^The snake just had to eat, like every other living thing, including us. We eat cute things,too. As much as I love the hot weather I could not live in Fla or Australia because I'd be afraid to ever let my pets outside. I'd be scared to let small children outside, but they are usually with adults at least. Crocs would scare the piss out of me,too.
    I live in a populated area, dont have a snake and my pets havent been eaten >_> stop watching so much stuff on the discovery channel LOL! they arent really that representative of how we live...

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    Poor doggy. What a horrible way to die.
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