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  • No The decision to become responsible for a pet is a personal one.

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Thread: Would you give someone a puppy as a gift?

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    Quote Originally Posted by elginshel View Post

    I'll maybe feel more ready to get a new dog in a few months time, just as the pounds start filling up with the unwanted Christmas puppies, so hopefully I'll be able to offer one of them a home.
    Aww, that's so sweet of you though it angers me that there are irresponsible jerks out there who dump their animals. I don't think I'd want a puppy for a gift because I would prefer to choose my own animal and I would be more likely to rescue one than buy it. Almost all of the pets I've ever owned were rescues.

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    Stephen King does an interesting story on pets as gifts... I loved it I think.
    I really think it is a decision a person has to make. Then again say my son had been begging for a dog and I finally thought he was ready then yes. But in the incident in that show she's was a moron.

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    I think an excellent alternative would be the promise of covering any future adoption costs... kind of like a coupon, so the recipient would be able to decide when to get the pet and what kind of pet to get.

    The ASPCA offers such a service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elginshel View Post
    No I wouldn't.

    I had to get my dog put to sleep last month which of course has given a couple of (well meaning) friends the bright idea that a puppy would be the greatest present ever for me. I've had to warn them not to even think about it! Don't get me wrong, I love dogs and one day I will get another one, but it's only been 4 weeks since I lost Taz and I'm still breaking my heart over him. This would not be good timing for me to have another dog.

    I think unless you know for certain someone really wants a pet and is responsible enough to care for it throughout it's life, then it's a terrible idea to give one as a gift.

    I'll maybe feel more ready to get a new dog in a few months time, just as the pounds start filling up with the unwanted Christmas puppies, so hopefully I'll be able to offer one of them a home.
    Oh noooooooo I'm sorry to hear that, he was gorgeous

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    no, I think animals should only be given if the people who are recieving it are going to care for it and be responsible. Some people (not everyone) think it's a good idea to an animal but than they get one and find out how much work goes into it and they usually get bored pretty quickly, I knew someone like that and she couldn't wait to get rid of the dog she at first thought was 'so cute!'
    I still makes me angry to think that she had the nerve to whine to everyone that she didn't like her dog because it smelled, shed on her furniture, needed to be walked and barked, what the fuck was she expecting???? But at least the dog is in a better home where it is appreciated and loved by its new family.

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    Nope. Thats the gift that keeps on costing.

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    No never.

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    Never. I've been told horror stories about what happens to "puppy presents" when the new owner gets over the novelty of having a new dog. The same thing happens around Easter, only with bunnies and chicks instead of dogs. And a few friends of mine who work at the local animal shelter have even had to ban people from buying black cats around Halloween, because is seams some sick fucks like to use them in rituals.
    But OT, pets are huge commitments . They require food, shelter, and love, and not everyone is willing to give those things to a pet they didn't want/ask for to begin with.
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    Sounds amazing, doesn't it?

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    I'd only do this if they'd seriously hinted that they wanted one and I felt that they could properly care for it. I don't think that it's a good idea to surprise someone with a dog if they haven't given any indication that they are looking for a new pet at that time.

    It would need to be a situation where they had basically said, upon being asked what they wanted, that they wanted me to give them a dog.

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