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Thread: Woman Killed By Her Own Bull Mastiff

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    What's round on the ends and high in the middle?


    Quote Originally Posted by Kat Scorp View Post
    *sigh* Figures; after the stupid, self-righteous, indignant rant I posted *cringes*

    source: Family's pet Jack Russell kills eight-day-old baby | Perth Now
    So the dog was destroyed? Where the hell were the parents? We have a toddler and 4 dogs (who love him and are trained and sweet) but I NEVER leave them alone together. Sad situation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by witchcurlgirl View Post
    140 lbs is pretty big for a bullmastiff.

    i had two English mastiffs, they were lovely dogs, but you definitely wouldn't survive a full on attack by one. They are massive
    Wow, you kid not. Largest Mastiff ever recorded was 343 pounds

    English Mastiff - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The greatest weight ever recorded for a dog, 343 pounds (156 kg), was that of an English Mastiff from England named Aicama Zorba of La Susa, although claims of larger dogs exist.

    According to the 1989 edition of the Guinness Book of Records, in March 1989, when he was 7 years old, Zorba stood 35 inches (89 cm) at the shoulder and was 8.25 feet (251 cm) from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail, about the size of a small donkey.

    After 2000, the Guinness Book of World Records stopped accepting largest or heaviest pet records.

    This record has never been officially bested, therefore it is widely agreed that Zorba may have been the heaviest dog ever

    I liked this part.....LOL
    After 2000, the Guinness Book of World Records stopped accepting largest or heaviest pet records
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