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Thread: Why do cats love to lay on paper?

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    We have a little toy football, and when I throw it Cassie will catch it. She's pretty athletic, but a little confused on her sports. She tends to bat the football around like it's a soccer ball.

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    Christmas is the best. I always get so frustrated with my baby when I'm wrapping up gifts. I try to do them all at one time and my cat runs around and lays right on the paper I'm about to use every time, thus crinkling it and making it hard to use. I always get so exasperated but then I look at that tiny face, so content because I've brought at the wrapping paper again. Christmas day, its like he KNOWS it, he pounces on my chest in the morning and runs right to the presents about to be unwrapped. I lay it out for him after its been unwrapped and he is in heaven.
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    Cats love wrapping paper! anytime I have to wrap a present, daisy comes out of nowhere and HAS to get ALL UP in that wrapping paper. I unroll it and she wants to sit on those nice smooth wrinkle free sheets.

    So now I "pretend" Im going to use a piece, and then just let her have that one. So she feels like she won.

    I can't get mad cause it seems to make her so damn happy for some reason.

    regarding computer keys, daisy will sit and if I don't pet her, she'll smash her head against my hands as they're typing. she'll push her head against my hand as hard as she can, so it's IMPOSSIBLE to continue typing normally. so funny!

    I love cat stories!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by olivia720 View Post
    All cat lovers know this. Anytime you have to study, wrap a present, or spread out paper of any kind, they can't wait to lay on it!

    Definitely the "hey, I think I climbed you!" one.

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