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Thread: What do you think of dogs wearing clothes?

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    ^^ same here. We had tough winters back home for a chihuahua/terrier and chuhuahua (the latter is gone, sadly). Just sweaters for the snow. Little guy didn't mind but the fat one hates em.

    Oh I knew I shouldn't have gone into the pets forum I'm all sad now! I miss my baby!
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    Its abit excessive, but its always darn cute!

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    It annoys me when I see celebs such as Paris doing it. Like most of you said, if it's for warmth then im all for it, but dressing them up in party clothes, clown out fits etc are silly. If people do it on are rare ocassion by all means, but on a daily basis... is not so cool

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    My late doggie had a few sweater/coats for the snow, but otherwise, I never dressed him up. It's fine for warmth, but I dislike people dressing pets in people clothes.

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