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Thread: Weird things your pets do

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    My cats used to hunt socks. They'd make all sorts of crazy yowling noises, then run downstairs with a sock (preferably dirty) in their mouths and deposit them at my family's feet. The truly weird thing about it, is that the second cat to exibit this behavior had never met the first, as ithe first had died months before the others adoption.
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    My dog hunts flies. If there's a fly or bug buzzing around the room, he drops whatever he's doing and gets this intense, focused, alert look on his face. He'll destroy whatever is in his path to get to the flies. He's crashed into window screens, furniture and doors before. Sometimes he catches them...and eats them. I find it gross, yet fascinating.

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    my mini dachshund is the biggest perv..he'll go into the laundry basket, pull out a thong and run off with it and lay it on his bed... it's so bizarre lol.. he only pulls out underwear though!!

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