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Thread: Top 10 dog breeds - 2008

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    i love bulldogs

    my SIL's bulldog pete loved to hold paws with you

    pete played matchmaker with my brother and SIL

    rest in peace sweet sweet pete

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    Bulldogs are so sweet but it makes me sad that they don't live very long so I'll never get one. I love my Frenchie and fortunately they've got a decent life span.

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    The neighbors got a bulldog last summer. She's a cutie but man is she loaded with attitude. Just plain evil some days. She goes after their Yorkie, Max if anyone pays attention to him. Max is her chewtoy for the most part. They first time I saw her in person she was a little dazed and damp. Turns out she had walked out on the deck and went into the pool. My neighbor walked by the deck doors and just happened to see ripples and knowing that the kids weren't home, ran out to see poor Missy blowing bubbles and just kind of floating about 2 feet under water. I think they're planning on breeding her even though you have to go through all the trouble of a c-section and everything.

    We currently have a Beagle and a Pomerainian. Gracie and Chunky. One of their favorite hobbies is running along the fence barking at Max and Missy who enjoy barking at Gracie and Chunky. The worst part is, the beagle, yorkie and bulldog all sound like pigs when they get going. It's interesting to say the least.
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