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Thread: Things dogs shouldn't eat

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    Default Re: Things dogs shouldn't eat

    ^^^ eeew im finding it hard to keep down my tea!

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    Default Re: Things dogs shouldn't eat

    I was walking my dog a few hours ago and as she was sniffing around, a lady stopped to tell me her dog was a mini-me of my dog Diesel. Then she continued on that she was actually on the way to pick up her baby at the vet. It is very common for people in my neighborhood to stop and chat about their dogs, so I asked how the dog was. She said that her dog had swallowed a too small chew toy (belonging to a much smaller dog) and was having to be given massive doses of laxatives to resolve the issue. I felt so sorry for the poor dog-my dog acts embarrassed when she has even a slight case of the runs. So watch out for what your doggie is chewing on, kids!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PaintTheTownRed
    Elmo is still adorable. I had a male mastiff when I was a kid who used to do the same thing with pads. The worst thing he ever ate,ok, get ready to be totally grossed out-was a homeless man's poo! I used to kiss him on the cheeks and then he burped in my face and yup, POO smell. Male dogs eat the worst things. I just got a male dog and I'm waiting to be completely grossed out by him.
    Dogs eat all sorts of things, don't they? Elmo used to eat duck and goose poops when we took him to the park. I got worried and had to call the vet cuz I thought he could get sick from it but apparently some dogs like the taste of it and is quite normal (yucky... ). He grew out of it now but still goes and sniffs any bird poops he sees on the ground.
    Once when we are at the park, this Pomeranian came right up to Elmo and ate his steaming fresh poop...that was a funny sight. He was muching it pretty good .

    I've prolly mentioned this in some other thread but the worst thing that Elmo ate was my gummy bears. He went in my purse and ate a whole bag full of gummies. He started moaning and whimpering and it got worse as he drank more water (yea mix gelatin and water =bad idea), I had to take him to the emergency. The vet took an ex ray and Elmo's stomach was expanded like a mofo...Elmo was induced to vomit but he decided that gummies were too good and kept them in his tummy, we were told that if Elmo doesn't purge and the stomach continues to expand, they'll have to operate on him. The vets monitored him overnight and Elmo pooped it all out the next morning...

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    Default Re: Things dogs shouldn't eat

    My dog loves to eat horse poop. He'll even run when he notices one specific horse getting ready to poop. It's a disgusting habit we can't break.

    He is a barn dog and is taking it very seriously.
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    POOP! Dogs seem to love any shape/form of it!

    Which is why we call them dogs!!

    And do not forget to let sleeping dogs lay!!!

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