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Thread: Sick bitch shows no remorse for killing a kitten

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    She should never own another pet again, nor should she see the light of day!!! That nasty cunt isn't sorry for what she did, and I wouldn't put it past her to kill a baby the same way.
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    Teen gets 18 months for roasting kitten

    NEW YORK, Aug. 11 (UPI) -- A 14-year-old New York girl was sentenced to 18 months in a juvenile facility for putting a kitten in an oven and leaving it to roast alive, officials said.
    The New York Law Department said Whitney B. pleaded guilty to burglary and animal cruelty, the New York Daily News reported Tuesday. Her full name was not revealed because she is being treated as a juvenile.
    Whitney and a friend, Cheyenne Cherry, 17, admitted breaking into another young woman's apartment in The Bronx. They were angry at Valerie Hernandez, a former friend. The pair trashed the apartment and killed the kitten, named Tiger Lily.
    Investigators said Whitney was the one who actually carried out the killing, turning the oven up to 500 degrees after shutting Tiger Lily inside.
    Cherry, who pleaded guilty last month, is scheduled to be sentenced Sept. 2. She faces a year in jail.
    When she appeared in court in July, she exchanged insults with animal rights activists.

    Teen gets 18 months for roasting kitten -

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    Quote Originally Posted by crumpet View Post
    God, I hope this twisted bitch gets trapped in a shower with 20 butches who take turns shoving Ben Gay covered plunger handles up her ass and twat until they come up into her stupid, filthy mouth and she chokes on it. Then they can throw her to the sicko security guards until she doesn't have an orifice in her body that hasn't been fucked twenty ways sideways. Then they can carve her ass up and slash her face and make her drink Clorox so no one will have to listen to her fucked up mouth ever again. And cut her fucking tongue out.

    Yes, I hate animal abusers that much and i don't care how many jaws drop because of what I said.
    I agree with you, big time. It angers me that people can pretty much get away with animal cruelty. It's like you get in more trouble for damaging someone's car!

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    Shameless cat killer Cheyenne Cherry, who roasted a kitty as 'a joke,' gets two years in jail

    Myspace photo of Bronx girl Cheyenne Cherry when she was 17.

    A remorseless cat killer who helped roast a kitty in a 500-degree oven was sentenced yesterday to two years in prison.

    Cheyenne Cherry, 18, had nothing to say as Bronx Supreme Court Judge Margaret Clancy gave her two years for attempted burglary and one year for animal torture - to run concurrently.

    She's also barred from owning a pet for three years.

    Cherry and a 14-year-old accomplice trashed her former roommate's apartment on May 6.

    She stood by as the 14-year-old stuffed little Tiger Lily into the oven.

    Cherry, who pleaded guilty in July, told cops after the incident that it was "just a joke."

    At a recent court appearance, she stuck her tongue out at an animal activist and said, "It's dead, b----!"

    Her younger accomplice got 18 months in a juvenile facility.

    Read more: d_a_kitty_as_a_joke_gets_two_year.html#ixzz0dN9Ag2 Qs
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    Maybe she'll get shanked.
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    I hope she does. She will never be "right".
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    Judge Margaret Clancy gave her two years for attempted burglary and one year for animal torture - to run concurrently.
    The judge might've at least made the sentences run consecutively.

    Cheyenne Cherry deserves every nanosecond of what crumpet envisioned for her and more, imo.

    Quote Originally Posted by MrsMarsters View Post
    If she is willing to do this to an animal what would she do to a human? How much do you want to bet she'll have a child and abuse it.
    Even if she never does it to a human, it's horrific enough it to an animal.

    It bothers me to think that animal abuse may only be considered disturbing as a precursor to what a person might do to another human. Animals have emotions and can feel physical and emotional pain. What that poor kitten must've suffered I can't let myself think about because I have to get through the rest of my day. Tiger Lily's death was vicious all on its own.

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    Is she on drugs or something or is she also robbing people for fun?

    Awful... and the part that she had the leave the apartment because she couldn't stand the cats cries... god, disgusting. I can hear that cat cry...
    "Well isn't that special"

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    This is beyond sickening and that piece of shit bitch and her accomplice need to die NOW!! I hope someone who can get to them will dole out some vicious, painful vigilante justice.

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