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Thread: Sam the bushfire koala dies

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    Aww the poor little thing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimmlok View Post
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    LOL damn you
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    Chlamydia has been a big problem with female wild koalas for a long time so this case isn't unusual. She's just more famous. Petards and other wackos are seriously suggesting she has a state funeral. What about the millions of other wild animals that died in those bushfires, not to mention the 180 HUMAN BEINGS.
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    adorable pets KrisNine.

    so sad about Sam. she won the world's heart. thank you for posting the news, even tho its heartbreaking. its better that she be put out of her pain if they couldn't do anything for her. she'll have lots of friends waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for her.

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    It looks like little Sam's legacy will live on:

    Sam the Koala to be preserved like Phar Lap at Melbourne Museum

    By Kathleen Cuthbertson
    August 08, 2009 12:01am

    BUSHFIRE legend Sam the koala will be preserved and displayed in the Melbourne Museum as a symbol of February's devastating fires.
    Premier John Brumby confirmed that Sam's carers had accepted an offer from the museum to display the koala, who died during surgery on Thursday.

    The body of the champion racehorse Phar Lap is also on show at the museum, but it is not known if Sam will be displayed in the same vicinity, the Herald Sun reports.

    Mr Brumby said having Sam in the museum would ensure her story and the story of the bushfires was told to the millions of Victorians and interstate and overseas visitors who come to the museum.

    "We will never forget the people and communities affected by those fires and we will never forget the courage and kindness of the firefighters and volunteers who helped them," he said.

    "The story of Sam will help us to understand and remember the devastation that the events of February 2009 had on the people of this state and their extraordinary determination to recover and move forward with their lives."

    Sam became a symbol of hope amid the ashes after extraordinary images of her drinking from CFA firefighter David Tree's water bottle were flashed around the world.

    The picture raised $500,000 for the CFA and the Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter, which cared for Sam as she recovered from her burns.

    Sam overcame her bushfire injuries but could not beat the terrible disease chlamydia.

    A spokeswoman for Mr Brumby said the details of how Sam will be preserved and displayed were not yet known.

    Robin Hirst, Museum Victoria director of exhibitions, said it was vital Sam join Phar Lap at the museum.

    "She is associated with a very important image from those terrible times."

    Sam with her rescuer David Tree.
    Sam the Koala to be preserved like Phar Lap at Melbourne Museum | Herald Sun

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