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Thread: Sad picture of cats that are caged along with chickens

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    Poor babies. Sitting there looking so peaceful. You would think they'd be trying to get out of the cage - most cats don't like to be confined. My heart breaks for them and all of the other animals being tortured. I want to take them home with me (I already have more than my share of homeless and abandoned animals).

    I would say that I am 95% vegetarian with the goal of stopping meat all together. The 5% is mostly fish. Every time I think of a piece of meat, I see the animal's face.

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    No animal likes to be confined. As a matter of fact, no living being likes to be confined.
    Hello mother fucker! when you ask a question read also the answer instead of asking another question on an answer who already contain the answer of your next question!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chilly Willy View Post
    ^^ I know, I saw that, too. I spent most of my adolescence spreading leaflets, videos, books like that (not a PETA fan, though). People often said to me: You can't force me to look at that!
    Which is like saying: Even though I'm responsible for the torture and the murder, it's too much to ask to look at it.

    They really do skin them alive.
    Yeah I'm not a fan of Peta but they do have good videos.
    I agree with you about people not watching cause it's sad..
    It's awareness.. and just maybe the outrage you'll get by watching will make you try to make a difference. It does me.
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